Satellite Solutions - Direct Connecting Offices to Ships

Office Satellite Calls to Ship Solutions

Precision Satellite Direct® allows users to place calls from any location in the world to any satellite terminal at highly affordable rates.

Precision Satellite Direct® is available for Inmarsat B, M, Mini M, GAN, BGAN, Fleet, FleetBroadband, Swift, SwiftBroadband, and other aeronautical services as well as FleetPhone, IsatPhone Pro and IsatPhone Link in all Inmarsat satellite regions. The service is also available for Iridium and Thuraya.

Using Precision Satellite Direct’s simple two-step dialing process, users benefit from direct global calling at affordable rates so that staying in touch with colleagues, family, and friends is easy even if they are working remotely like on a boat.

When a Precision Satellite Direct call is placed, Calling Line Identification allows Precision Services to recognize the telephone number and connect the call without the user’s 10-digit PIN code if registered. If the user’s telephone number cannot be determined by CLI, then the PIN code must be entered to complete the call.

How to access Precision Satellite Direct:

Precision Satellite Direct requires users to register with Precision Services. To place a Precision Satellite Direct call, users follow two easy steps:

  1. Choose one of three dialing options to initiate the call.

Option #1: Dial: +33 5 62 88 98 98, +47 22 81 10 00 or +1 203 346 3400

Option #2: Dial the national toll-free number from any of the following countries: *

Option #3: Dial the national toll number from any of the following countries:

  1. At the voice prompt, enter the 10-digit PIN code**, followed by the mobile number. For all Inmarsat services, users dial 0 for the ocean region and the Inmarsat Mobile Number (IMN) (e.g., 0 761234567). For Iridium, Thuraya or other satellite services, users dial 00 after the prompt, followed by the number being called.

Benefits of using Satellite Solutions

Global Coverage:

Satellite direct solutions provide global coverage, allowing connectivity and communication in remote and underserved areas where traditional terrestrial networks are unavailable or unreliable. This global coverage ensures that businesses, organizations, and individuals can stay connected regardless of their location at sea.

Reliable and Resilient Connectivity:

Satellites offer highly reliable and resilient connectivity, unaffected by terrestrial obstacles or infrastructure limitations. We ensure consistent and stable communication, even in challenging environments and adverse weather conditions. This reliability is particularly crucial for critical operations, emergency response, and remote monitoring.

Mobile and Maritime Connectivity:

We cater to the needs of mobile applications, such as maritime vessels. These solutions provide reliable communication and connectivity for maritime operations.

Versatility and Scalability:

We offer versatility and scalability to meet the diverse requirements of different industries. Whether it's voice, data, video, or IoT connectivity, satellite solutions can be customized and adapted to specific needs. They can support a wide range of applications, including voice calls, video conferencing, asset tracking, remote sensing, and telemetry.

Rapid Deployment and Flexibility:

We provide rapid deployment capabilities, ensuring quick and efficient connectivity in time-sensitive situations or temporary operations. The flexibility of satellite solutions allows businesses and organizations to establish connectivity on-demand, expanding or modifying their networks as needed.