GSM Marine Booster Solutions

The antenna installed on the top of the ship receives signal in 360 deg around the ship. It will receive the signal from several masts on the coastline. This signal is sent to the MarineBoost repeater inside the ship.

The MarineBoost x.4 repeater shown in the image above has 4 ports that can be connected to 4 individual antennas inside the ship. Each of these antennas provides signal in 1 to 3 rooms, depending of the types of rooms.

The system is self monitoring and does not require any management.


  • Suitable for large boats, ships, mega yachts, cruisers, ferries….
  • Networks: GSM/ 3G/ 4G
  • Boosts mobile signal for all EU network operators
  • Suitable for voice and data (telephone and internet)
  • Unlimited users can use the repeater at the same time.
  • Coverage: Small boats : 1000m2, Large Ships: 64,000m2
  • Add line amps to get more coverage into your ship
  • Diagnostics and signal strength meter
  • Distributed system balances mobile signal evenly throughout your ship
  • Complete network operator protection.