Advance VoIP Solutions

VoIP (Voice over IP) for Ship/Shore Communications

Satellite communication services on board vessels are utilized for data as well as for voice communications. More and more companies are electing to subscribe to unmetered data plans with their Satellite Communications service provider to take advantage of the increasing quantity of data required to be shared between the office and the vessels. This contributes to the safe and effective management of the vessels operations as well as to comply with regulatory requirements.

However, voice calls from the vessels as well as calls to the vessels have continued to remain costly with calls from the vessel ranging from US$0.29 per minute to land lines and mobiles; and up to US$5.00 per minute.

With the increasing availability of unmetered/unlimited data plans combined with steadily improving bandwidth availability, services that have been available in the terrestrial environment that have contributed to the significant reductions in call costs, now become available to the maritime industry.

VoIP for vessels utilizes the latest in networking techniques and technology to create an integrated VoIP system suitable for a vessel environment. This enables us to provide high quality/low cost calling options through custom designed and specially located servers in order to reduce latency and the delay of calling or receiving a call to/from a vessel.