Maritime 4G LTE Solution (CoastaNet)

Maritime 4G LTE Solution (CoastaNet)
22 Nov 2022
Unable to get Fast Speed Internet Connectivity Onboard your vessels and Satellite Connectivity is too Expensive?

Precision Infocomm is understanding you request. In CoastaNET we used customised high gain and low gain band switch within the antenna to cater for Worldwide Telco frequency band. The system network coverage is able to operate for vessels that are traveling within 50km from base station and able to receive signal from all directions.

  • Super Long Range 4G LTE Solutions
  • Global Roaming Services
  • Managed Services with Remote Support
  • Multiple 4G Providers
  • Crew Hotspot Solutions
  • Cloud Hosting Solutions
  • MIR Downlink 150Mbps, Uplink: 50Mbps
precision infocomm 4g LTE solution

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